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Delegate Self Check In

We run lots of courses and are currently reviewing our delegate check-in processes.

We currently staff a registration desk and the staff use the AP register to record people's attendance.

We would like for delegates to be able to check in themselves when they arrive in our reception area.

We would either want to send them a QR code with their booked email that can be scanned, or a way for them to use a search screen to search for their name and then confirm their course. Although this would need to be thought about to avoid people signing in on behalf of someone else.

Due to GDPR we cannot display a list of names for each course and ask them to tick this off.

We have thought about the option for the trainer to ask people to sign in on the tablet (I think this is already in place in AP) but this would take up too much time in class time - we need them to book in before the class starts.

Once someone has booked in we would want their status to be changed in the system.

  • Kathryn Wenczek
  • Mar 22 2019
  • Awaiting Review
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