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Course Data Grid Colour Coding from Course Template

it would be great if we could colour code our data grids similar to how the status colours pull through. Under the course override alias, it would be great if the colour code from the template set pulled through to the data grid for better visuals. You can only see the colour code via the calendar not the data grid.

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  • Mar 22 2019
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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  • Admin
    Jenna Culshaw commented
    01 Apr 12:00

    Hi Laura, 

    Thank you for this suggestion! Where would you see the colour displaying? 

    If we were to include a colour column it would like something like this:

  • Guest commented
    01 Apr 13:45

    Hi Jenna, 

    Similar to your example, but maybe taking inspiration from the colour scheme used for the status. It has the white writing in it to break up the colour and this could include the course template ID, or the category ID text? 

    It is to give a visual view to the data grids, instead of this just being on the calendar view.