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Total income stat on Account page

Just as it sounds, a simple stat on a company's area / page to see how total revenue from that client - also to have this as an option on dashboards under "Company"

  • Ben Rogers
  • Mar 11 2019
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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  • Admin
    Jenna Culshaw commented
    12 Mar 13:59

    Hi Ben, 

    I really like the idea! I see this as being more DataGrid information than within the details of an Account so that you could view multiple Accounts at once, something like this:

    The problem with this field is that it would not take into consideration multiple currencies so we'll need to discuss this internally to decide if that would be too confusing for some of our other customers.

    If we find that the pros outway the cons, would the above work for you?


  • Ben Rogers commented
    12 Mar 14:23

    Hey Jenna,

    That actually looks like a really great idea!

    Apologies, didn’t think about people using multiple currencies. Perhaps it would be total per currency or something? Not sure! (We only use GBP) 😊