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Add Booker Email to User Award Module

Most of our Clients have a designated person to book delegates onto courses on behalf of their organisation (The Booker).  We do not always get the Delegates email address as everything usually goes to the person who has booked the course. I am now in the process of trying to set up a workflow to notify Bookers when certificates are due for renewal.  However as 'Booker Email' is not in the drop down list I have no way of being able to send out certificate renewal reminders.  This could have a huge impact on future business so would it be possible to please add this option into the Action Field so that we can set up this workflow. thanks very much Wendy 

  • Wendy Masterton
  • Jan 17 2019
  • Awaiting Review
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  • Liz Mowbray commented
    17 Jan 14:41

    This would be a fantastic addition to our accessplanit experience.  Contacting the customer with renewal reminders is something that our customers are very appreciative and have come to expect.  I think that without them we would definitely miss out on return business.

  • Darryl Walford commented
    18 Jan 09:35

    This is critical to retaining customers and providing the service they expect. It is very inefficient for us to maintain a process outside of Accessplanit to to this.

  • Admin
    Jenna Culshaw commented
    21 Jan 10:54

    Hi Wendy, 

    Thank you for this suggestion!

    As awards are not necessarily linked to a booking (not only can awards be manually assigned to users but delegates can be manually assigned to courses without a booking), it would not be efficient to use the 'Booker' for this as there would be no booker in those two scenarios.

    We do already have the following recipients available for UserAwards emails which should work better for your need here though!

    • User Company Email Address
    • Managers Email Address

    The User Company email address is pulled from here:

    The Manager Email Address can be set up here (on the manager):

    Please let me know if that doesn't make sense

    Many thanks,

  • Wendy Masterton commented
    21 Jan 11:43

    Hi Jenna,  All our Delegates are linked to an account and we put everything through the shopping basket.  We currently have a workflow to send the certificates/awards to the booker on successful completion so it makes  sense to send the reminder to them as well.  Our contract is with the company not the delegate so they really have to go to the company.  We have some really large contracts and to send the reminders to the company email address or Managers Email address will just get lost.  This is why they have designated people to do all the bookings.  Is there any possibility you would consider adding the Booker Email to the Award so that we can send out reminder please? Thanks Wendy  

  • Adele Carvil commented
    05 Apr 12:27

    This would be a great help to us too, as the functionality of 'training reminder' just isn't working efficiently for us at the moment, and our business works in a very similar fashion to how Wendy has described.

  • Wendy Masterton commented
    11 Sep 14:58

    Hi Jenna, is there any progress on this yet.  Our Admin have lots of 'bits' to remember to do and if I can help by setting up a workflow to enable this and help them that would be great.  We have to send this manually and it can be time consuming and easily missed.  Thanks Wendy