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Calculate Unavailability days in the Drop Down List

We use quite a few of the drop downs like Travel, On the Job Training etc.  It would be great if the system could calculate more than one day when running reports.  For Example.  If we have selected a 3 day On The Job Training and then run a report the system only counts this as one entry and not 3 days.  I have tried to subtract the end date from the start date but this seems to count it as 2 days and not 3.  The only option we have is to enter it in separately for each day so that it counts it as 3 days.  I have put in a product suggestion to copy and past which would make it a little easier but ideally if the system could auto calculate the days this would make reporting a lot easier. Thanks very much Wendy 

  • Wendy Masterton
  • Dec 31 2018
  • Awaiting Review
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  • Paul Antcliffe commented
    02 Jan 07:46

    Great tool for completing monthly report

  • Gerwyn James commented
    02 Jan 09:16

    I agree excellent for the monthly reports 

  • Lisa Morris commented
    02 Jan 09:49

    Really helpful idea!  

  • Admin
    Jenna Culshaw commented
    02 Jan 16:49

    Hi Wendy, 

    Could you please let me know which reports you are using for this? The standard utilisation reports should automatically calculate duration based on the dates! If this is a Report Writer report then the calculation (enddate - startdate + 1) should work!


  • Wendy Masterton commented
    03 Jan 09:06

    Hi Jenna, I am setting up reports in Report Writing.  Matt tried to help me with this before but didn't mention the +1 so I will email him and ask him to give me a call.  Just another quick question.....  If the month changes within the week and the course runs over the end of a month and the beginning of the next month will this be picked up in the reports if they are run by month?  for example course runs 30, 31, 1, 2 but reports are done by month will it only pick up 30 and 31?  And then 1 and 2 be picked up in following month?  Feel free to phone me if this sounds confusing. Thanks Wendy 

  • Admin
    Jenna Culshaw commented
    03 Jan 10:13

    Hi Wendy, 

    This depends on how you are filtering your report, for example if you have a filter on to include courses that have a start date of 'March' then this report will include all of your courses that begin in the month of March, and take into account the days that these courses may run in April. This report would not include courses that begin on 28th Feb and run to the 3rd March.

    I hope that helps!