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Add in additional drop down for Delegate Status

Hi, would it be possible to add in a new drop down in the Delegate Status called 'Completed - No Charge'.  I have set up a Dashboard showing 'Outstanding Delegates still to be invoiced' for all our 7 sites.  The problem I now face is that some Delegates do not get charged and will never get invoiced due to various reasons.  I have tired various ways to exclude these off the report but with no luck.  We use the delegate status 'completed' once the delegate has successfully achieved the course and have quite a few workflows set up with this status as a trigger.  So my thoughts were to change the status of the non invoiced delegates to 'Complete - No charge', this way the workflows will still be effective and i could add in a filter to the dashboard to exclude the 'Complete - No charge' delegates.  I appreciate that this change will be on all your clients drop downs but I am sure some might find this useful.  I presume no testing would need to be done either as its just adding in a new drop down.  Thanks for your time, regards Wendy

  • Wendy Masterton
  • Dec 6 2018
  • Awaiting Review
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  • Billy Gundry commented
    December 06, 2018 15:49

    I fully agree with Wendy, it would make sense to make the changes.