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Automatic Discounts to apply on first page of shopping basket

At the moment automatic discounts only apply at the payment page, this leads to customer queries as the first basket page shows full cost with no mention of discount. If a discount is automatic then the cost should show as the discounted rate from the first page.

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  • Jun 21 2016
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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  • Guest commented
    November 30, 2016 13:06

    Please read CM-I-107 where I have listed many new promotional options that I think would be beneficial to everyone - More 'Discount' options required for complex campaigns. Don't forget to add comments with more features!

  • Kathryn Wenczek commented
    May 19, 2018 06:12

    Hi Is there any further thought on this?  We use price schemes so that staff and students pay different amounts.  We receive queries from students who don't see the lower price at the start of the shopping basket process. Thanks