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Group Sub Session to Head Session on main Course Calendar

At the moment we have sub sessions linked to head sessions and sometimes there could be 3 sub sessions if it is a 3 day course. When these are populated onto the calendar they do not seem to sit together.  This can be very confusing when you have quite a few courses booked with various sub sessions.  We are using these sub sessions to allocate Instructors/Rescue Workers/vehicles/Assessors etc This is a bit messy when the Day 1 sub session is at the top of the calendar, then the day 2 subs session is at the bottom after the other courses and then day 3 is scattered somewhere in between.  It would be great is these were grouped together to make viewing easier. 

  • Wendy Masterton
  • May 14 2018
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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  • Wendy Masterton commented
    July 18, 2018 09:14

    If these were grouped it would also help if we needed to move a course that all the sub sessions went with it.  At the moment we have to manually move each sub session and the head session which is a bit frustrating.  The sub sessions are linked to the head session so would be ideal if they all moved in one motion. Thanks Wendy