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Option to identify who the course Assessor is. Currently no differentiation between Assessor and Instructor.

Some of our courses are City and Guilds and therefore require and independent Assessor to Assessor the Candidates competence and ability to perform the task (ie. Confined Space).  At the moment we are having to add our Assessor to the last day of the course along with the Instructor as this is the day that the assessment would take place.  At a glance you do not know who is the Assessor and who is the Instructor.  So when our Instructors are looking at the 'My Teaching Assess' they can only see that they are due to do something on the last day with another Instructor. If the Assessor and Instructor can do both roles then it can get a little confusing.  Our C & G External Verifier has also requested that we need to be able to identify who the Instructor and Assessor is. So again if there was a way to identify who is Assessing that would be great.  This would also need to show up on the My Teaching Assess.   

  • Wendy Masterton
  • May 14 2018
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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