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Workflow's rule for survey not yet submitted

It would be useful if we could have a rule when setting up a workflow to have reminder emails to be sent only to delegates who have not yet submitted their evaluation. At the moment we are sending reminders to all delegates, regardless of whether they have submitted their survey or not. This is causing frustration with customers.

  • Daria Taddei
  • Dec 20 2017
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  • Dave Evans commented
    December 20, 2017 11:09

    Great idea Daria, we've actually got a development that will allow you to create workflows based on survey status lined up for early next year. We'll keep you posted on progress.


  • Daria Taddei commented
    December 20, 2017 13:13

    Thanks Dave, please do keep me posted as we need to get this in place as soon as possible, hopefully before the start of our spring events.


  • Dave Evans commented
    February 04, 2018 16:01

    We have now added functionality that tracks whether a survey has been completed. There are fields available for delegates that track survey completion 'Course Survey Completed' and 'Pre Course Survey Submitted'.

    To trigger an email based on non completion you you would you need to configure a workflow that actions if the value equals 'No'.

    I hope this helps.

  • Daria Taddei commented
    February 05, 2018 08:30

    Thanks Dave. When I went in the workflow creation rules though, I can't find the option "Course Survey completed", but only "Course Survey Submitted" that only gives option to choose for dates, not for yes or no. Am I selecting from the wrong module (UserCourseDate)?

  • Dave Evans commented
    February 05, 2018 16:35

    Sorry Daria, my mistake. It is 'Course Survey Submitted' and the filter would be 'Is Empty'. I believe Matt, your CSM will be talking to you about Surveys in more detail tomorrow.