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Make the live system and the test system distinguishable from each other

The test and live system look the same apart from the URL.  Here at IT Services in Oxford, development teams ensure there is a distinctive border around any test systems. 

  • Kathryn Wenczek
  • Jul 21 2017
  • Shipped
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  • Sandra Macpherson commented
    August 25, 2017 13:01

    A different colour header bar or background colour would be good to make the difference really obvious

  • Kathryn Wenczek commented
    November 13, 2017 10:22

    Hi  It says that this idea has been shipped?  I have logged intot the test system and after a minute or so spotted the very small red test box next to the AP logo.  I wanted to check if this is what is being used to make the test system distinguishable for the live system?  It is not very obvious.  A different colout header bar or background colour would make it much more obvious.  If this is not possible could you make the "Test" icon bigger!

  • Dave Evans commented
    December 06, 2017 13:36

    The size of the badge has been further increased.