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Ability to exclude a particular course date from a workflow

In general, we would like the same emails (e.g. course reminder) to be sent out for each course using a standard text template.

However, we have had some instances where we wanted to amend the standard text for a particular course date (e.g. to tell the delegates that someone was coming to film the course, say).

In the old system, we could amend the element for that specific course date.

In the new system, we would like the ability to exclude a course date from a workflow, and to create a separate workflow, just for a specific course date.

  • Joanne Thomas
  • Jul 18 2017
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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  • Dave Evans commented
    July 18, 2017 12:29

    Thanks for the feedback Joanne. I think it would technically be possible to exclude a specific course date from a workflow however I wouldn't recommend that approach. We did consider the more ad-hoc type scenario when re-designing the system, feedback we'd received was that customers love automation but there are situations when automation isn't the right approach e.g. you are doing something infrequently or the conditions are not easily defined. To facilitate this we added the ad-hoc email functionality (multi select candidates / email), this obviously needs manual intervention but its a much quicker process than amending workflows. You can also trigger email template emails from here as well. 

    This isnt the approach you've asked for but would it help at all ?