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Ability to associate more than three surveys to a course template

Currently you are only able to link a course template to three surveys

- Pre-Course

- Post-Course

- Trainer 

This means that if any additional surveys are required, i.e. 3 month follow up, or, survey to the line manager, this isn't possible.

  • Jenna Culshaw
  • May 8 2017
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  • Jenna Culshaw commented
    November 27, 2017 09:35

    It would also be great if we could assign more than one certificate template or sign in sheet to a course. We have a customer who sends a certificate of achievement to people that pass, and a certificate of attendance to people that fail. The system cannot handle two different templates per course and so they need to create one of these manually).

    Additionally, some of our customers have different sign-in sheets depending on the delivery type of the course, for example, a public course would include delegate's organisation names, whereas an in-house one wouldn't need to. We can only associate one template per course, and this cannot be overwritten per date, so this means that two different course templates need to be set up to cater for each type.