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Ability to send UserCourseDate email templates to Classroom Delegates

When building workflows / text templates we try to use the UserCourseDate model where possible for delegate communications, then these text templates and workflows can be used on Classroom, Webinar, ELearning and Document based courses. Otherwise we would need to set up different text templates and different workflows for each course type which would be very time consuming and make the future maintenance of these difficult.

These text templates also double up for use within Email Templates to quickly send/resend communications to delegates via the Delegates datagrid.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the UserCourseDate templates on class delegates, only UserCourseDateClass works for classroom delegates at a datagrid, even through UserCourseDate works for them within Workflows.

So currently I need to create different versions of the same text template in order to use it within workflows, and email templates.

  • Jenna Culshaw
  • Apr 3 2017
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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