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Staff scheduling system

The recourse Calendar is brilliant - however it does not offer a full staff scheduling service. Staff scheduling take me a very long time and other software offers some great system like

A complete staff scheduling set up would be a brilliant step forward 

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  • Feb 2 2016
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  • Dave Evans commented
    February 9, 2016 08:54

    Thanks Harvey, what additional functionality would you require ?


  • Guest commented
    February 9, 2016 11:00



    The resource Calendar is great but Rotating staff that have varying rotas is very time consuming. I mentioned it to Eli a number of time and she said what was required was a scheduling module. More than anything i saw an advert for when I work and it reminded me so flagging up there are opportunities to improve rotaing

    Some of the issues I face are

    The template for when staff can work set in resources has no flexibility - e.g. if some one has every other weekend off the only way to rota is to have them available 7 days a week and block out manually when not required. Any changes made to the template are rolled out over all past and future dates so you cannot change the template for the month ahead without affecting the current period.

    When a new member of staff is added as  resource and I want to root them they have to be made active in the resource calendar , even if their start date is a few months ahead. Leaders to a cluttered recourse Calendar with many staff greyed out.

    Time clock and clocking in that then adds up hours and calculates gross wages for payroll run, ideally export to major payroll software like Xero.

    Forecasting of future wages based the rota set - e.g. look up next week and see how much the staffing will cost.

    Notification if people have not clocked in with ability to message any staff qualified to fill the shift

    Ability for staff to swap shifts with each other


    In essence the resource calendar works for rotting staff and has the massive bonus that you can see the courses the staff are assigned to run. But there must be many ways it can be improved and companies like when I Work seems to be approaching it with a real focus on the managers and the staff members requirements. I think there is  chance to improve AP along these lines to create something even better.

    Hope that helps


  • Dave Evans commented
    March 8, 2016 09:47

    Thanks for the feedback Harvey. Resource management is an important area for us so this is really useful. We'll leave your suggestions and comments on the portal as 'gathering customer feedback' so that we can gather further comments, discussion and most importantly votes!

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