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Increase visibility of original email address when resending

On the Communications page, when selecting 'Resend Email', there is no additional box below the current email address, as there was on the old system, to allow you to resend the email to a new recipient, if required.  This now leaves room for error, if you have to overtype the existing email address with a new address or even if you are trying to correct the original one?

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  • Mar 10 2017
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  • Dave Evans commented
    March 13, 2017 10:04

    Hi Miranda,

    Can we just check what you are looking for here. Both the legacy and the new system allows you to resend emails using the resend option, both system should allow you to amend the 'To' email address ?

    Kind regards,

  • Guest commented
    March 13, 2017 12:30

    Hi Dave

    The issue is not resending the email, it is just that in order to view the email address that the communication was sent to in the first place, the only place to view it is by selecting ‘resend email’ and if you should want to resend an email, the previous system version had two boxes, one with the original email address in it, so you can see where it went to and a second one to be able to type in a new email address if necessary, as sometimes it’s not that you want to re-send the email address to the same place but because you want to re-send it somewhere else.

    As only one box is available on the new system, we think overtyping the email address leaves it open to more mistakes being made, if the original address does not remain on the screen in a separate box.

    If you overtype this address with the wrong address, or decide that actually this is the correct one after all, does the email address remain on the screen if you exit the dialogue box and go back in again?

    Likewise if you overtype this address with a new one and resend because you would like a different recipient to receive a copy of the email, does this overwrite this record permanently, or will the old address remain there if you re-visit that particular communication?

    Many thanks.

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  • Dave Evans commented
    March 14, 2017 15:27

    Hi Miranda,

    Thanks for the additional info, that's really helpful.

    The resend options send a new copy of the email and nothing on the original changes or gets updated. 

    We'll gather other customers feedback alongside yours and take things from there.

    Many thanks,