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More functionality/flexibiilty in user portal

I wondered what your plans are for the standard user portal interface?  The basic search functionality is good although some of the headings could be improved ("title" would be better as "keyword/itle search" and "town" would be better if it used a more generic term "location") however are there any plans to add any  new features. 

For example,

1) A place where customers could save courses that they are interested in (a  bit like an Amazon wishlist)

2) Adding social media tools so that courses could be shared/like

3) Allowing a way for customers to email/send course details to someone else

4) In the search box showing a calendar view of courses (I appreciate that this would need to be filtered so that this doesn't get overloaded)


  • Kathryn Wenczek
  • Feb 21 2017
  • Gathering Customer Interest
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