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Sessional Courses - Ability to book resourses (Trainers / rooms) without them being block booked (Unavailable) from first date to last date


I feel that this is a huge flaw with the AccessPlanit system in that sessional courses work in such a way that they block book the associated resources out from the first date until the last date. This is an inconvenience when we have, for example, a 4 day course that runs 1 day a week for 4 weeks. This means that if we allocate 'training room 1' and 'Trainer - Joe Bloggs' that they are unavailable for the full 4 weeks (From first date to last date) despite realistically being available for multiple dates in between.


There is a way around this in that the 'ignore unavailable resources' selection can be made but this in my opinion defeats the purpose of the system providing me with the safeguard of not being able to double allocate resources.

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  • Dec 29 2016
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