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More 'Discount' options required for complex campaigns

Promotions can generate a lot of buzz, create sales and generate repeat bookings. I have propsed many additional features below! Please read more and vote for this idea to help enhance the tools available to us. Also comment with any extra promotional ideas/options/requirements.


Apply discounts to a specific course date / or several different courses and dates

Example: you have a course and wish to run a promotion on a specific date to encourage sales.

As you can only apply discounts to templates, to do this currently, you have to create a specific template for an individual course date. Very time consuming and not always possible, as you may have already published a course date.


More price options:

  • Percentage reduction
  • Fixed value off full course price
  • Set a new course price

Example: a site wide 'Early-bird' campaign to encourage early bookings, where by the course price is reset to £99 if booked far enough in advance

To do this currently you have to create a discount for each price and deduct a fixed value. You may have a hundred unique prices to go through!

  • Buy-one-get-one-free
  • Buy-one-get-x-off

Example: pretty self explanatory


Booking Limits

Example: a promotion whereby the first X people receive a discount. If a course needs X delegates to run, this is a great way of reducing cancellations due to low booking volumes.


Bulk purchase

Example: when checking out with X items a discount is applied


Used in conjunction with another discount

Example: this discount cannot be used when another discount is already applied

Example: this discount can only be applied to the following items in your basket

Example: a further 5% off has been added to your total discounts

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  • Nov 30 2016
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